Headteacher Support Package

The SLA offer a comprehensive package of support for new and developing headteachers. Headteacher colleagues provide a mentoring service that runs over 10 sessions to enable new Headteacher to settle effectively at the start of their profession. 

New to Headship – Be effective from the start and take control of your school’s future.

Headship is a privilege, and is possibly something you have aspired to and worked hard for over many years. Becoming a Headteacher should come with support and mentoring to ensure you lead the whole school community effectively and in the right direction. You need to be inspirational, leading your staff to ensure excellence at all times. Where do you start?

1. Where to start – the first 2 months of Headship

  • Setting out your stall with staff, parents and children 
  • Identifying strengths and areas of development (staff, data and leadership)                                                    

2. Vision for your school

  • Unique Selling Point and how to get others to buy into your vision
  • What do you want the community to say about the school?                                                                                           

3. School Evaluation Form (SEF) from the outset

  • Managing outcomes 
  • Setting up good monitoring systems 
  • Gathering information for a SEF and prioritising challenges

4. School Improvement Plan (SIP)

  • Writing a SIP
  • Identifying and implementing priorities
  • Continuous Professional Development and investing in your team 

5. Leadership and Management

  • Distributive leadership
  • Leadership structure
  • Growing leaders and building capacity
  • What to prepare for Governors meetings and how to work with your Chair of Governors (COG)

6. Safeguarding

  • Policy/systems and processes
  • Safeguarding audits

7. Performance Management

  • Setting targets which impact on school improvement
  • Crucial conversations

8. Preparing for OFSTED

  • Paperwork preparation and support
  • Managing monitoring visits
  • Website

9. The budget

  • Working with your Business Manager
  • Setting a Budget in challenging times
  • Income generation

10. Finally – the other stuff!

  • Challenging conversations, including handling complaints
  • Behaviours/Exclusions
  • The offer can be bespoke for your needs. Contact us for individual costings.