Joining the SLA

The SLA is overseen by a management board.  The SLA management board ensures that proper financial regulations are in place and that work in schools has a positive impact.

The SLA welcome schools that wish to work collaboratively. Schools involved in the SLA work closely together to improve standards in their schools.  The SLA is able to draw upon the expertise of all staff from across the schools and therefore provide school improvement services that are affordable and beneficial.  We believe that this school led improvement system helps all schools in our Alliance and we are keen to share our approach with other schools and governing bodies.  Representatives from the Alliance are able to meet with interested parties to provide more information.

Hubs in the SLA are geographically based to enable staff to travel easily to schools. The SLA governing body that comprises of school governing body member from each school, oversee the work of the SLA and ensures that the guidelines in the Memorandum of Understanding are adhered to. The SLA governing body ensures their work has a positive impact upon the schools.

Headteachers meet on a fortnightly basis to organise, evaluate and discuss different projects that take place. 

Should you wish to know more about the SLA and how it works, please contact us.