Action Research

This involves schools in the SLA investigating an area of joint interest and implementing change in each home school. 

These groups include senior leaders, middle leaders and classroom teachers sharing practice and applying research to their areas of responsibility, trialling new approaches to improve and refine before implementing whole school change. In the past this has included: GD reading, writing scaffolds, feedback and marking. 

Members meet regularly across the SLA hub where focused discussions are an excellent opportunity for CPD for teachers to develop their practice. Action Research is a cost-effective method of developing teachers own pedagogies across schools rather than just in house. Action Research is a core effective method of developing teachers, pedagogies and improving their confidence and ownership of the new learning.

Examples of Action Research planned for 2019-2020 academic year

  • Oracy – improving classroom techniques to improve vocabulary and how children articulate and present themselves.
  • Ensuring progress for the lowest 20% – piloting innovative approaches to support this group.
  • EYFS Maths – Developing a Mastery approach to Number in the Early Tears setting.